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Salsa -Cumbia Lev I- 5 wks
Nov 15, 2021 - Dec 13, 2021
Location: #201, 10923-101 st NW, Edmonton

For those interested in taking a simpler style of salsa that has much similarities to Cuban style with a flare of Colombian footwork, this is the class for you! Its for absolute beginners and we are welcoming singles and couples. Your instructor Alex believe it or not started off with this common popular Latin dance that is normally for the untrained dancer. Easy to pick up and a great way to get into other styles of Salsa such as Cuban or L.A.!

If you are single, please register at least 72 hrs ahead to give us enough time to find you a partner.
Note: please bring a clean pair of shoes for class. No outdoors allowed.

DURATION: 5 weeks (1.25 hr /class)
COST: $75+tax/person ($150+tax/couple )
(last minute $80/ $160+tax)
Nov 15, 2021 - Dec 13, 2021
6:00 - 7:15pm