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Evolve Half Triathlon
Aug 18, 2019 - Aug 18, 2019
The event starts with a refreshing 2km swim in the glorious Blue Lagoon followed by a 90km bike (2 x 45km loops) around the flat and fast country roads of what is traditionally know as Mid Yorkshire. Finally a two loop 20km run on the quiet roads around the Blue Lagoon.

The distances are slightly different to an official distance Triathlon but if anything are very close to a classic Half Iron Distance! If this event is a success who knows next year may see the inaugural Evolve FULL Distance Triathlon!!!

This is a friendly club run event and entries are limited so don't delay in booking you place!

The Blue Lagoon, Northfield Lane, Womersley, DN6 9BB

2km Swim - 90km Bike - 20km Run

On both the Bike a run there will be feed stations as follows, bike at 45km on the run every 5km.

Entry Fee:

*additional £5 Day licence fee applies for non British Triathlon Members

Start Times:
8am (register & rack from 06:30am)

Minimum Age:
18 years old by 31st of December

Please note proof of age/ID will be requested at registration.

Wetsuit Policy:
British Triathlon Wetsuit Rules Apply

Race Course Maps & Profiles available online

Aug 18, 2019
8:00 - 4:00pm