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Dec 5, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023
In this quick, 30 minute, HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training] class you will get a full body workout!
Conditioning with a circus twist!
This is the perfect class for getting in shape or for your continued progression!
While we will be using aerial apparatuses in the circuits - no previous experience is necessary!
Apparatuses will be used as workout equipment only - Please note; This class is not for skill development, no tricks will be taught.
<em>Appropriate Attire:</em>
- Form Fitting Athletic Wear that Covers the Backs of the Knees and Torso
- Please; No Jewelry / Zippers / Buttons / Clasps
- Hair Styled Back / Out of Face [IF APPLICABLE]
- Barefoot Class
- Water Bottle
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Sep 25, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023
The Forum
6:30pm - 7:00pm MDT
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