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Heartwood Yoga Institute
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Memoir Writing Online Workshop Virtual
Jan 8, 2024 - Feb 12, 2024
This course combines the wisdom of yoga with the craft of writing to teach aspiring writers how to tell their story with integrity, compassion and insight. Join a small collective of writers committed to learning, growing and developing their skills in 6-week online sessions that meet through zoom. Students submit up to 7 double spaced pages of their work ahead of time which are shared with the group, then everyone attends the weekly zoom class for a comprehensive critique session that not only helps each student develop their personal works in progress, but include lectures on the prevailing issues for the group, such as defining style, voice, writing with honesty, and character/story development. Assignments designed to fire-up creativity and challenge the writers to experiment with new approaches to telling a story are provided at the end of each session as inspiration for the following week's submissions.
Learning in a progressive critique group with effective mentorship can be deeply insightful, because sometimes we are too close to our own work to see the issues that need to be addressed, but those same issues are clearly evident when we review the work of others. These workshops teach us to read like a writer, see and adjust weaknesses in a story, and help attendees develop writing skills through respectful, honest feedback given in the spirit of support and furthering your writing education.
The online course includes six live zoom sessions (2-3 hours each) with progressive assignments, support, and an invitation to participate in the Facebook group for inspiration and connection.
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Jan 8, 2024 - Feb 12, 2024
6:00pm - 9:00pm EDT
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6 Sessions
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