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Reset Breathwork Workshop
Dec 9, 2021 - Dec 9, 2021
The holiday season is meant to be enjoyed, but often feels overwhelming, chaotic, stressful, and busy. Come create some space to relax, BE, and explore your depths beyond the mind in this Reset Breathwork Workshop!
What is Reset Breathwork?
A 3-part conscious connected breathing pattern to release stored emotions and trauma in the mind and body, reset your nervous system, and create an elevated state of being. This is NOT the same as pranayama breathing! Though pranayama has many benefits, the Reset Breath Method takes you way deeper into your body and soul, creating a deeper state of relaxation and awareness.
R: Re-calibrate your nervous system
E: Elevate your vibration
S: Somatically release stored emotions
E: Expand your consciousness
T: Transform into your most authentic self
You’ll leave this workshop feeling more in alignment with your highest, most peaceful & empowered self than ever before.
*Sarah Harken is a certified Reset Breathwork Facilitator who has guided hundreds of humans into using the power of their own breath to change their lives. She facilitates both in-person throughout West Michigan and virtually through her online coaching business. If you’d like to learn more about how breathwork has changed her own & her breathers lives, head to the “breathwork” highlight on her Instagram page @sarahjeanharken

Dec 9, 2021
7:00 - 8:30pm