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Hip Expressions LLC
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Belly Dance Party Cruise 2025 XIII
Feb 16, 2025 - Feb 16, 2025

Belly Dance Party Cruise w/Hip Expressions 2025

Miami, Costa Maya, Roatán, Bimini

Feb 16 to Feb 22, 2025


Western Caribbean Charm
February 16-22, 2025!
16th - Miami, FL Depart at 6PM
17th - At Sea
18th - Roatan, Honduras 10AM - 7PM
19th - Costa Maya, Mexico 9AM - 6PM
20th - At Sea
21st - Bimini Beach Club (Private Beach) 8AM - 7PM
22nd - Miami, FL Arrive 6:30 AM


Join us as we sail the seven seas, spreading joy and laughter with the symbol of the red flower to let people know that yep - we're the friendly ones with a smile and a dance for every body! All are welcome - beyond belly dancers, we are many family, friends, and others who get swept up in the joy and then become part of this movement.


This is cruising as you've never done before; with dozens of pals ready to experience joy everywhere we go. Soon everyone else on the ship knows who we are, what we do, and is ready to be entertained! Get ready to be part of the red flower revolution!


Enjoy all the amenities of a Cruise, PLUS parties, events, and the camaraderie of the Hip Expressions vibe! We encourage self-expression and fulfillment through movement, dance, and fun.


You do NOT need to be a belly dancer to come play with us. This is a come as you are event open to every body! All you need is a willingness to harmonize, collaborate, accept, and enjoy all our differences while celebrating our similarities.


Hip Expressions is an inclusive, creative movement community that is known WORLDWIDE for our culture and spirit. Join us, why not?


This year, we travel again on the Scarlet Lady on Virgin Cruise lines. It's an 18+ ship, with a concept that redefines cruising. An adult playground, the food is next level, service impeccable, music infectious, and dance shows incredible! Dress up on the ships Scarlet night & plan on staying up for the epic pool party. You'll learn why octopuses are the thing... plan also on pajama night and Gatsby night dress ups, and another epic pool party on Bimini, and more...


You MUST book through our Travel Agent, Arleene. We book together to get the absolute best pricing in the category of your choice. Also, when we book together, we have clout to acquire spaces on the ship for our group gatherings, cocktail parties, theme nights, etc, as well as dinner times together. So if you don't book with us... you'll be left out! How to Book? Contact Arleene at, or call 727.564.6847. Book today, the best room go fast!


To cover our expenses, we also require a Hip Expressions Cruising Fee, due by August, payable directly to Hip Expressions. Register at


Check out our website, for more info on what to expect!

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Feb 16, 2025
8:00am - 8:00pm EDT
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