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HEY Chair Yoga, Tuesdays, November 2 - 30, 2021 with Donna, Online and In Person Virtual
Nov 2, 2021 - Nov 30, 2021

Chair Yoga is held Tuesdays, November 2 - 30, 2021 with Donna Martens at our Ahwatukee Location.

You may now attend class in person at 12:30pm - 1:30pm on Tuesdays at our Ahwatukee location. For the 5 week sessions you will receive the video link on Tuesday that you can replay as many times as you want through the following Monday.

Special promo, Get the early price of $30 through October 26th; $40 after October 26th

$12.00 for a drop-in single session.

Chair Yoga is a supported healing class done entirely from any type of chair. This class emphasizes breath work, building a healing focus and meditation to promote a greater sense of well-being and stress relief. Practice a variety of stretching and strengthening poses designed to increase circulation and strength so your movement is more stable. Poses are seated or reclined and practiced very slowly, so there is time to move without rush. Doctor’s medical release highly encouraged.

Nov 2, 2021 - Nov 30, 2021
12:30 - 1:30pm