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Working In: Exercises For Nervous System Regulation
Jul 25, 2024 - Jul 25, 2024

What if the key to working out was actually working in?

Inspired from a holistic approach to wellness, this integrated movement class will guide you through a gentle series of movements designed to work inward to balance the nervous system

Designed to meet anyone where they are on their wellness journey, this class is both functional and gentle. Combining the mobility and stability aspects of functional pattern movement with flowing, meditative movements similar to Tai Chi, you will be learning exercises to work-in rather than work-out.

Expect to learn the fundamentals of breath work and how to properly apply breath to movement practices. Next, you will ground into the body with simple stretching and gentle movements to encourage mobility. From there, you will learn a breakdown of a series of movements that relate to the different energetic zones of the body. Learn to put it all together for the reminder of class, as you are guided through a movement practice that will work-in leaving you mind and body balanced, calm, strong, and empowered.

This class is beginner friendly. Please dress in comfortable clothing that allows for movement.

About your instructor: Spencer Elbert is a Level 3 CHEK Trained Professional, working with clients to reach their wellness, fitness, and lifestyle goals. He follows a holistic approach to wellness looking at both mind and body. With personal attention and mindful care, he looks at multiple aspects of a clients life to help them see meaningful results.


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Jul 25, 2024
6:00pm - 7:00pm CDT
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Refuge: Celebrating Creative Flow
Jul 27, 2024 - Jul 27, 2024

Refuge is a day of art, movement, breath, meditation, and sound designed to bring those that attend into connection with their innermost selves and their community.

Curated by artist Elanni Sherick, Refuge is a chance to celebrate and be surrounded by creativity and Elanni’s art. The day consists of mindful and meditative practices that Elanni has used to ignite creative flow. The immersive experience will offer the opportunity to move, breathe, breath, be still and feel into your creative spirit while reveling in community connection. 

The day features some of Des Moines top facilitators in the creative, healing, and wellness spaces and culminates with a free community art show. The suggested contribution for this event is $75, however there is an option to pay more or less depending on your personal resources.

The community art show is free for all to attend from 5-7pm, and no pre-registration is needed. The art show will feature new art from Elanni Sherick. Her series was inspired by meditation, breath work, and the quantum world. It is a chance to be surrounded in community and around art that inspires us to think about where we find refuge inn spaces inside ourselves, each other, and nature.


Holding your space for Refuge will grant you access to:

1:00-1:40pm: Yoga with Amy Putney Koenig

2:00-2:40pm: Breathework with Terry Davis

3:00-3:40pm: Meditation with Dennis Kelly

3:40-4:20pm: Sound bath with Rhonda Elston Mickelson

5:00-7:00pm: Community art show, featuring new art from Elanni Sherick. Free annd open for all to attend.


You can read more about each facilitator below. 

Amy Putney Koenig : Offers Slow & Stretchy meditative movement where you move slowly and hold gentle poses to ease into a deep stretch and to let go of stress and tension. All levels are welcome. Please note we are on the floor for our practice. Blocks and bolsters will be utilized to personalize support for our bodies, and mats will be provided. This practice is designed to provide you with a few tools to give yourself moments of ease and awareness of your precious self and the beauty around you.

Terry Davis: Inhale; Exhale. Breath with purpose, ON PURPOSE! Hi! I'm Terry. My journey in brief—challenging childhood and early adulthood! Graduated from ISU, twice! (undergrad/Psych; Master's/Family Studies-MFT focus) Worked as a life counselor/med passer for the elderly in a care facility setting; then, as an RC with chemically dependent youth.

As life continued to unfold, I soon discovered that with ever emergent past/present personal, professional, and life challenges coming to bear, I needed to find something more powerful to assist my growth—enter holistic philosophy/breathwork. That was 30+ years ago! I have worked as a private practitioner, attended a panoramic number/style of holistic trainings, self-published a book on men's issues, and was a co-founder/sponsor/trainer of two Midwest conferences—The Peace Conference and the Holistic Awareness conference.

Ultimately, I believe healing and desired life shifts are profoundly synergized and become more effortless when we reclaim/relearn/practice a proper, self-compassionate and conscious breathlife, and become more holistically grounded thinkers.

Dennis Kelly is a native of Iowa with a real love for nature, healing, adventure and people. He is the founder of Yoga In The Park, Meditation Around Town and Experience Nature’s Healing. He enjoys sharing his Reiki, EFT, Yoga and Meditation experience with others.

Rhonda Michelson: Healing sounds travel in a way that bypass the brain's need to identify and organize. This allows the vibrations to go directly into the nervous system, chakras and to all organs and structures of the body. A musical form of instant connection is what keeps drawing me and keeps encouraging me to share with others. I have collected several master healing quality bowls over the years and often add my collection to other friends' who also feel a call to offer this type of peaceful meditation to a hurting/healing world. Each session is unique and intuitive and quite often is accompanied by other instruments and/or vocal chants.



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Jul 27, 2024
1:00pm - 5:00pm CDT
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