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Our Sacred Bodies Free Form Dance & Movement Intensive
Apr 18, 2020 - Apr 18, 2020

Adina will lead participants through a guided dance experience with an intentional structure and at the same time leave space for freedom and individual expression and exploration. The day will begin with an Introduction to Free Form Dance & Movement making this class accessible to anyone who is interested. Eyes are often half closed to remain with an inward focus, listening deeply to what the body wants to share with us.

Are you curious what your body wants to share with you? You can learn to love and listen to your body, not from your head but from your body itself. Participants will learn to communicate with conscious intention to a specific body part or system of the body. Adina will lead dancers on a shamanic journey to the body, guiding them to track their personal intention or question about their body or health (through dance). Dancers will find their own answers, or clues, in Non-Ordinary Reality while Adina drums (on her sacred handmade deerskin drum) to shift their minds out of Consensual Reality.

Do you feel that part of your Personal Power needs to be retrieved? Dancers will set an intention to stalk their own power and call it home into their bodies. Our bodies can become a resource to help us alter our own realities. When we hold our bodies as sacred, and work on connecting with them during intentional movement, we can begin a personal reawakening.

The day will end with a celebration of personal Transmutation in a group dance. Participants will come together throughout the sessions as a group to reflect on their powerful journey.

Adina invites you to join a community of others who are curious and ready to explore using Movement as Medicine and surrendering into the Mystery of the moment.

Note: Not to worry, participants will not be dancing for 6 hours. This dance experience is like a ceremonial experience, with dance as the focus but there are other sacred components woven together throughout the day to keep dancers connected individually internally and collectively as a group. In addition to dancing, Adina will share some of her own personal spiritual journey with participants through stories, participants will have time to set intentions, reflect on their experiences, learn some earth centered medicine songs, do some grounding, and break into groups to celebrate their experiences. This class includes a catered lunch. Feel free to contact Adina with any questions regardng participation in the class

Those who may need a chair are welcome to attend and any other kind of physical accommodation can be made.
Apr 18, 2020
10:00 - 5:00pm