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An Origin Story: The Yogi, The Professor and the Monkey
Sep 27, 2019 - Sep 29, 2019

Origin stories are at the spiritual and philosophical hearts of cultures around the world. They help us relate to the magnificent universe around us (and within us) through human context and experience. Where do spiritualism (the Yogi), science (the Professor), and the primal mover (the Monkey) meet?

In this special workshop we will widen our perspective to look at yoga, science, and conscious movement to alchemize an inspirational, motivational world-view-infusion that just might lift your bright practice to a whole new level. Discover the Quantum Pelvis and liberate your inner Conscious Monkey.



Sean Tebor inspires intuitive, primal movement through an evolving adaptation of Yoga as a path for integration and conscious embodiment. His teaching is supported by years of exploration in the art and science of core-oriented movement, expression, and physio-energetic integration in a practice that invokes a personal relationship with Source.


Full Weekend: $350 (Early Bird Discount: $275 until September 1)


6-7:30pm Practice: | $35
7:30-9pm Discussion | $50


Saturday the 27th ($140/day)

10am-1pm Practice:| $75
2-5pm Study:| $75


Sunday the 28th ($140/day)
10am-1pm Practice: | $75
2-5pm Study:| $75


Suggested Reading: Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers
Counts for 15 CEUs Towards your Johns Creek Yoga 300 RYT
Open to teachers and practitioners of all levels.

Sep 27, 2019 - Sep 29, 2019
Fri, Sat, Sun
9:00 - 7:00pm