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Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop
Feb 23, 2019 - Feb 23, 2019

Prenatal Partner Workshop is a unique, informative, hands-on approach to relaxation and preparation for your new arrival durning any stage of your pregnanacy as you connect with your partner or birth coach (this can be a mom, friend, doula, whomever). Gentle yoga asana and partner poses will support optimal fetal positioning, ease common discomforts associated with pregnancy and offer options for labor positons. Pranayama (breath work), guided visualization and massage and Rebozo techniques encourage deep relaxation to prepare for the birthing process. Joyfully bond with your baby with affirmations and sonic massage for baby through mantra. All stages of pregnancy and levels of experience welcome.

$35 per person (please register BOTH partners)

Feb 23, 2019
4:00 - 6:00pm