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January - Joyful Vitality Magical Box
Dec 17, 2019 - Dec 17, 2019

Ready for some monthly magic in your life? Our Intention focused Joyful Vitality Magical box is here!

Every month, we will send you a box of 8 hand selected tools (salts, oils, chakra spays, chakra roll ons, face masks, journals, body scrubs, teas, foot soak, wish bottles......endless surprises......could be anything, but one thing i (Eugenia) can promise You for sure you'll be surprised, i love giving and sharing) to bring that intention into your life.

Janury Intention - Nourishment - Enjoy the nourishment that life giving you!

You are in a time of abundance where there is more than enough to support and nourish your desires.

The Energy of January encourages you to appreciate all the blessings, talents, gifts, friendships and love around you now. Nourishing your soul and body can mean finding interesting, new, exciting and stimulating ways to experience and enjoy life. This is the time to learn, grow, and change.

Only you can truly know what your body, soul and spirit wishes. It is essential to find ways to understand, and do something about, your needs. This means listening to your inner voice, wild dreams, hopes, and amazing wishes. Sometimes, it may mean acting in ways contrary to what others expect, or hope from you.

Price - 49.99. Valued over 85.00. Every item is hand picked, hand designed, cleansed, charged for the maximum healing and benefit for you.

Once purchased, your box will ship by the end of each month. We'll email you a tracking number when your box ships (shipping fee will be aplyed). If you choose FREE IN STORE PICKUP at Joy and Vitality Centre at the check out - You will be personally notified when magical box is ready for pick up (22nd of each month)

Orders will be closed on the 17 th of each month. We can only design 36 boxes each month, it will be available through pre-order only.

Ships worldwide from Canada



Dec 17, 2019
10:00 - 11:00am