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Oct 26, 2021 - Dec 14, 2021
Each person has a unique set of gifts, talents, personality, preferences, and purpose. In this workshop we will honor each person and their unique way of expressing themselves in the world as we guide them toward finding stronger purpose. This workshop is for people struggling to identify who they are OR to stay disciplined with the actions to take them where they want to be. Focus can be personal OR career oriented.

You will discover:

clarity around your vision, goals and actions

how to make changes that stick

best ways to put your skills to use so that you feel fulfilled and balanced

how to break old habits, blocks, and obstacles toward success

your personal plan for purposeful living


Self-Exploration - Surprise yourself as you find out more about who you are, what talents you have, and what you truly want in all areas of life.

Overcoming blocks and obstacles to success - Work through blocks and obstacles resolving them through action and inner process with a skilled coach.

Options and choices - Look at all the possibilities available to you and choose viable options to move forward with. Learn how to prioritize and make good choices.

Research and “Testing Out” - Imagine, experience, and discover which life or career options would work best for you.

Strategic Plan - Develop a clear and focused strategy for achieving your goals.

Making and Sustaining Change - Put plans into action and navigate through real and imagined challenges.

Field Mastery - Acquire skills and knowledge needed for the transition to new life.

Conclusion and Recap - Check in with process. Circle back and address unplanned challenges. Develop plan of action for life post group.

In this workshop we work as a group benefiting from the ideas and challenges of others to rise together. Attendees should plan to attend all eight sessions with video on and are highly encouraged to check in with each other outside scheduled sessions.


I got offered this workshop as a gift from my mom, I had no idea what the workshop was about but it seemed like something that I could benefit from since I started focusing on myself and improving myself this past year. I never imagined that I would like a group setting but it helped me learn from others as well as learning that I was not alone in some of the things that I was feeling.


Lara has been an amazing coach in the sense that she is not pushy if you don’t feel comfortable but also is open ears and very understanding; she guided us through the workshop and gave us very useful tools while we also did a lot of work as well.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone, all ages, all genders, absolutely anyone. Anyone can benefit from this workshop as long as they are ready to share, listen, and put in the hard work. I came thinking I was going to work on one thing and ended up working in something entirely different.

I knew all along that I learned a lot throughout the workshop, now I’m starting to notice all the small changes that I’ve been doing that are becoming habits.



Before i signed up for the eight week course, I was definitely in a very anxious state of mind- I was feeling very off course and I was looking for guidance. I have worked with Lara before and I was very excited to join her group session. My favorite part of this coaching was that there were other people (strangers on day one) who I was able to relate to by the end of the eight weeks. I took comfort in knowing that we've all *been there*- the ages in the group all varied and it was interesting to see someone older and someone younger than me and how we all can relate so much. Lara takes her time with each individual and makes you feel special without any judgement. I was nervous at first to open up to strangers about my problems but it felt so natural. I have used some tools that Lara has described such as asking myself is this working? throughout the day when I get anxious thoughts and sort of making the day fun when my mind starts to wander to a bad place. Lara started off with us taking one small step towards our goal...something simple that we can totally achieve to boost our confidence (and it really worked!). I started this course without much confidence and I left feeling super confident and even friendlier if that makes sense. I think this program will benefit anyone who is feeling a little lost and can use a little tune up. I looked forward to Thursday nights because it was a great end to my day. Lara did not make us do anything crazy or hard it was all natural and she is so gifted at what she does! I definitely want to sign up for the next course!


Oct 26, 2021 - Dec 14, 2021
7:30 - 8:30pm