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Vision Board Workshop
Jan 6, 2024 - Jan 6, 2024

Believing it’s already yours - that’s the key to manifestation. Being able to SEE what you want to create in your life is another layer to manifesting your dreams.

A VISION BOARD is a collage of pictures, magazine clippings, words, and quotes that speak to the future you want to create. Having a tangible and aesthetically pleasing reminder of where you want to go allows us to gain self-awareness, and helps us imagine what a positive future would look and feel like.

What do YOU want to work toward in the new year? Get it on a VISION BOARD!

Join Kember to create your own Vision Board and boost your creativity, motivation, and inner power to harness everything you dream of. She will share her own wild stories of manifestations and past vision board experiences.

No experience is needed, come as you are. Supplies are provided, but PLEASE bring extra magazines you may have lying around!

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Jan 6, 2024
10:00am - 11:30am EDT
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