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Mar 3, 2019 - Mar 3, 2019
Come take a journey to the land of ancient Egypt/Africa known as Kemet! Kemetic Yoga™ emerges from one of the oldest known civilizations which is ancient Egypt, properly called Kemet, in Northeastern Africa and rivals the evolution of Yoga in India. Kemetic Yoga™ was developed by studying, translating and interpreting the commonly called hieroglyphic texts of Kemet (ancient Egypt) and the images of Yogic postures that are clearly pictured on the walls of the Kemetic temples.
Special guest teacher, Ashley Irae, coming all the way from Southern California to share these teachings and create a space for community to gather, learn, heal and grow!

What is Kemetic Yoga?
Kemetic Yoga™ is a healing and regenerative Yoga system that is characterized by a series of geometrically progressive postures that creates alignment of the spinal column and corrects defects in the skeletal muscular system in order to relieve stress, increase blood circulation, nutrient and oxygen supply to vital body systems, and to allow internal life force energy and cerebral spinal fluid to flow more efficiently and abundantly throughout the entire body.
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Ashley Irae went through 200 hr training July 2018 with the Master teacher the one and only Yirser Ra Hotep and is blessed to continue to share this regenerative practice.

Noon: Intro & welcoming
12:15-1:30pm: 75 min practice
discussion/journaling, along with snacks & tea sharing

Cost: $25 or $20 Early Bird Discount
Fee include handouts to continue your practice at home as well as tea and vegan snacks to share afterwards!


Mar 3, 2019
12:00 - 2:00pm