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Magic of Music Training
Apr 13, 2019 - Apr 13, 2019

What improves kids’ focus and concentration, reduces stress, fully engages them, and can be calming as well as energizing? Music! Join Kira and learn how to use music, rhythm, and song to completely captivate children. You’ll have an absolute blast in this high-energy, experiential workshop as you learn how to incorporate rhythm and song into your work with kids, making your programs incredibly engaging and fun.

Kira will demonstrate her teaching methods using original music from her award-winning CDs of kids’ yoga songs, as well as playing live. She’ll guide you in creating your own rhythm games and songs--with a focus on combining music and movement--to facilitate transitions, re-focus children, and create structure in your programs; and will help you choose the perfect music for your teaching needs. You’ll practice teach, using what you've learned, and leave totally inspired, with tons of ideas to incorporate into your kids’ yoga programs, classroom, or counseling sessions right away! Come play, move, and sing with Kira!

Kira will share:

—How music affects the brain, and what it means for your lesson plans

—How to use music to calm and focus children

—Tips and techniques to easily incorporate rhythm and song into your classes

—How music and memory work together to help kids retain information

—How to use “hooks” and refrains to create memorable rhythm games and songs

—Opportunities, with Kira’s guidance, to create your own rhythm games and songs to suit your specific class/needs

—How to unify a group with music

—How to combine music and movement to completely engage children

—How music can aid in-class learning and improve at-home practice

—Useful resources and handouts

—LIVE music and singing throughout!

Who should attend:

—Preschool - grade 5 educators

—Music teachers

—Physical education and health education teachers

—School or family counselors

—Child psychologists

—Social workers

—Occupational therapists

—Physical therapists

—Camp counselors

—Recreation directors



—Anyone who regularly works with children

*price includes: 7 hour training, manual & attendance at Kira's concert on Sunday*

Apr 13, 2019
10:00 - 5:00pm