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Arm-balance & Inversion 2hr Workshop - with Brenda
Jul 28, 2024 - Jul 28, 2024
Arm-balance & Inversion 2hr Workshop - with Brenda
Find a sense of lightness increased stamina and core strength.

Arm balances can be empowering postures that teach us not only about our inner strength, courage and our ability to create lightness and space. Fear of the unknown can be a big obstacle that stands in the way of trying these invigorating and beneficial inversion poses.

This workshop will carefully guide you through preparatory poses of inversions and arm-balances and teach you how to develop the strength and confidence to attempt more challenging poses. You’ll learn techniques to use mindfulness and ease as you turn your world upside-down!

A fun engaging workshop to suit all levels.

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Jul 28, 2024
1:00pm - 3:00pm AEDT
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