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Decoloniality in Praxis: Toward a Yogic Theology of Collective Liberation w/ Sheena Sood
Nov 3, 2019 - Nov 3, 2019

This workshop invites yoga teachers and practitioners to contemplate how coloniality, white supremacy, and structural oppression show up in our practice, consumption, and circulation of yoga; and it also encourages us to consider how we can build and sustain a yoga theology that invests in the healing, justice, and liberation of oppressed communities.

The first half of “Decoloniality in Praxis” interrogates the colonial history of yoga by naming its connection to white supremacy and global capitalism; as well as its embedded ties to Brahmanical casteism and Hindu nationalism. Learning about how these colonial layers operate in mainstream yogic spaces and popular culture allows teachers and practitioners to acknowledge the pervasive influence that these popular approaches maintain in our philosophical and practical understanding of yoga and spirituality. The second half of the workshop offers practitioners and teachers an opportunity to consider if/how yoga can be reimagined toward an ethics of liberatory praxis. The process of “reimagining” challenges us to transform the spiritual tradition of yoga not into a glorified relic from the past, but rather into a praxis that affirms and embodies the resistance struggles, humanity, freedom and healing of oppressed peoples and that challenges us to consider how, where, and with whom we engage and share this sacred practice.

To those who are willing to dive into an uncomfortable but necessary dialogue that sharpens/cultivates our growing edge, “Decoloniality in Praxis” offers us a conversation that moves us beyond surface-level critiques of cultural appropriation toward a more honest engagement of the ways that all yogis, including people of color, perpetuate oppressive class, race, religious nationalist and casteism in our yogic practices.

Sunday, November 3, 2-6pm. $35 by 11/2, $45 after.

Nov 3, 2019
2:00 - 6:00pm