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200 Hour TrueForm® YogaTeacher Training Info Session
Dec 4, 2021 - Dec 4, 2021
We are excited to announce that our one-of-a-kind 200 Hour TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training is back! Not only is this training Yoga Alliance Certified but you will receive one on one mentorship with our Founder, Kristine who began teaching in 2008.
Our 200 Hour TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training will provide you with so much more than a certificate. All of our workshops and training sessions are centered around life mastery. As you deepen your personal practice we empower you to live your life on purpose. Imagine a life where circumstances no longer dictate your experience, you do! Are you ready?

Join Kristine for this free info session so that your questions about our upcoming training can be asked and answered. The info session will be held Saturday, December 4th at 11 am In-Studio. To ensure each student receives individualized attention in a safe environment, this training will be limited to 8. Our current start date is in January!

Dec 4, 2021
11:00 - 11:30am