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Our Yoga, Yoga For The Whole Family
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Yoga & Movement Study Pod (Ages 5-11)
Jan 14, 2021 - Feb 26, 2021

This 7 week movement based, learning pod is for ages 5-11 and welcomes all learning styles and abilities.

This unique yoga experience is focused on giving your kids the best atmosphere to learn in, as a small group, with help from an experienced teacher. The atmosphere will be refreshing each day for your kids and has be thought out from the colors, to the lighting, the music, and our planned movement breaks that will physically energerize or relax your child in preparation for what's on their personal study agenda.

This yoga-inspired study hall, if you will, will provide a clean, safe, distraction-free work space for children to practice movement and mindfulness, socailize, as well as have time to do individual homework and reading. Each week students will also build the foundation and understanding of their personal yoga practice.



125-140pm Arrive, Settle & Say Hello

140-230pm Kids Yoga

230-4pm Study Session with Hula Hoop/Movement Break

4-430pm Kids Meditation & Savasana



Movement will include balancing, twisting, heart opening yoga poses and yoga-inspired core movements to stretch and strengthen the body.

Mindfulness activities include guided meditations, progressive visualization stories, and multiple breath work practices for motivating calm, relaxed, and stress free kids!

The classes will build on each other over the six weeks and expand on learning Sun Salutations, positive affirmations, mantras, and chanting for a full rounded personal yoga practice.


Each 6 week pod offers a unique experience to safely learn, explore yoga, and socialize with friends.