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Feel Your Feet
Jul 7, 2018 - Jul 28, 2018
Deepen your AWARENESS. Access CHOICE in every moment.
This is an INETROCEPTIVE class.
We live at a fast pace and are subject to many of environmental stressors every single day. Living this way without taking time to TRULY check-in can create habits and patterns that allow us to dissociate from the present other words we 'check out.' You'll use the framework of Journey Into Power to move & flow. You'll use meditation & inquiry as additional tools for checking in. The class is structured around CHOICE and INTEROCEPTION: FEELING what's actually happening in YOUR BODY and then making the next best CHOICE from there.
This program is open to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of yoga!
Saturday July 7th
Saturday July 14th
Saturday July 21st
Saturday July 28th
Instructors: John Hastings & Ryann Hartmayer
PYB Elmwood
Drop-in: $20 Series: $60
Space is LIMITED! Only 12 spots available per class. Please register ahead!
Jul 7, 2018 - Jul 28, 2018
12:30 - 1:30pm