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Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Workshop : NYC @ Independent Training Spot
Dec 15, 2019 - Dec 15, 2019
This 9-hour workshop is targeted to fitness professionals (especially personal trainers) interested in working with the pre/postnatal population. Held at Independent Training Spot. 1 E 28th St, 2nd Floor. New York, NY 10016
In this comprehensive 9-hr workshop, you’ll discover the latest research, and learn how to utilize our unique, evidence-based Performance Training Approach to help your clients successfully manage the high-stress demands of pregnancy, childbirth, and early motherhood – and come out stronger than ever. Utilizing a combination of lecture, discussion, hands-on practice, and plenty of take-home materials, you will come away with all the tools you need to confidently coach your clients for optimal performance during and after pregnancy.
Dec 15, 2019
8:30 - 5:30pm