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**ONLINE Bhakti Mythology & Mantra
Nov 13, 2020 - Dec 19, 2020

Join Noelle Whittington on a 6-week exploration of Bhakti Yoga: the Yoga of Devotion and Love, on a mission to find the Sacred everyday. Noelle loves to adapt the teachings of this ancient wisdom to our modern day lives, with the intention of cultivating a deeper connection with ourselves and each other. Yoga has deep roots in the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, and in this series, we will dive specifically into Hindu mythology. Each of the Deities (Gods and Goddesses) represents a particular quality or aspect of Love (the Divine) that we all embody as our highest Self. It is said that when we hear, speak, or sing these names, that we are tapping into the vibration of those highest qualities and we return to being our true nature- Love- in all its names and forms. We will learn about the mythology of the Hindu Trinity- Brahma, Visnu, and Siva, and their many meanings, avatars, and consorts. Each class will include a brief history of the stories behind the Deities, and their meanings and mantras, a meditation to put these practices into action and we will have time for discussion and sharing. We will end each class with a Chant practice dedicated to the particular Deity of the week. No experience necessary! Song sheets will be provided.

11/13 Friday 6p-7:30p Week 1- What is Bhakti Yoga and How do we practice?

11/20 Friday 6p-7:30p Week 2- Origin of the Deities and the Trimurti

11/27 Friday 6p-7:30p Week 3- Creation + Creativity, Wisdom : Brahma/Saraswati

12/4 Friday 6p-7:30p Week 4- Protection, Maintenance + Abundance: Vishnu/Lakshmi

12/11 Friday 6p-7:30p Week 5- Destruction as Transformation + Union: Shiva/Parvati

12/18 Friday 6p-7:30p Week 6- The Goddess: Shakti Ma - Creative, Dynamic Power

12/19 Saturday 6p-8p Kirtan!

6 90-minute sessions on Fridays 6p-7:30p 11/13, 11/20, 11/27, 12/4, 12/11, and 12/18 with bonus kirtan Saturday 6p-8p 12/19.

Take home materials will be offered at each session to assist in progressing in your at home practice.

This series will be offered via Zoom ONLY with the Kirtan IN PERSON on 12/19!

Required Props: None.

One of the PBY members? Take advantage of your membership discount!

6-session Series Investment (Kirtan included in series sign up): $140

Santosha member: $126 (10% off)

Satya member: $112 (20% off)

Tapas or Karma member: $98 (30% off)

Must sign up for the entire series, option to take first session only for $30.

All PBY studio policies and procedures apply.

Nov 13, 2020 - Dec 19, 2020
6:00 - 7:30pm