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200hr Yogic Studies + Teaching Training Program
Sep 9, 2022 - Nov 20, 2022

Has your love for yoga lit a spark within you? Do you feel called to share it with others? Are you ready to deepen your knowledge of this ancient practice and weave yogic philosophies into your every breath, on and off the mat?

If so, our 200hr Yogic Studies and Teacher Training Program is the program for you!

We strive to make committed yogic study more available and accessible to all aspirants. We’re dedicated to supporting our yogis throughout their authentic, life-long journey of practicing and sharing yoga with others. Our intention is to teach yogic traditions with a contemporary emphasis on living a present, balanced and self-actualized life. How do we do this? By helping our aspiring yoga teachers establish a strong foundation of knowledge and guiding them to find their own unique expression as an instructor. Our Teacher Training celebrates and encourages the imagination and boundless creativity of our trainees. To us, teaching yoga is an art and a science.

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: Yogic philosophy, Asana alignment, Physiology, Subtle energetic anatomy, Sequencing, Hands-on assisting, Develop precision, purpose, and confidence in teaching and practicing yoga

There comes a time when a practitioner begins to sense integration in the asana practice. The understanding arises that through the practices we can create internal shifts, giving access to a deeper recognition of who we truly are, and we become inspired to move towards that truth. This state of ripeness, or in Sanskrit called Pushti, is the ideal time for absorbing and comprehending the teachings of yoga. That’s why we have created various Paths for those experiencing that state of readiness. Immerse yourself in a transformational process whether you are ready to be a teacher or interested in studying as a practitioner. We encourage you to embrace the calling and find a path of study that works for your lifestyle.


Early Bird Specials available! Enroll by June 25th and save up to $600!


Teachers Path:

The Teacher's Path helps aspiring yoga teachers establish a strong foundation of knowledge and helps guide them to find their own unique expression as an instructor. The Teacher's Path is 200-hour+ comprehensive Teacher Training recognized by Yoga Alliance, the standard-setting organization for yoga teachers and yoga schools internationally. We are inspired to educate teachers through genuine experience and honest guidance, steeped in inquiry, observation, and a true integration of experiential learning. This program will prepare you to teach a full spectrum vinyasa class that focuses on method, mindfulness, and creativity. After receiving the certification, you will be qualified to register with Yoga Alliance.

Tuition: $3200

Practitioners Path:

The Practitioner's Path is for those who have been moved by the profound depth of the yogic teachings and want to grow their understanding. This path is for those who don't see themselves wanting to teach, but are ready to explore the history of yoga, alignment, sequencing, pranayama, meditation, western and eastern anatomy, yogic texts, and Bhakti yoga. Through group and self-inquiry, participants will be able to observe and integrate the teachings of yoga into their daily lives. The practitioner's path allows one to move through material at their pace over the course of the programming. Coursework and attendance is not required, and teaching certification is not issued to participants of this path.

Tuition: $2600


Early Bird Specials available! Enroll by June 25th and save up to $600!

Payment plans also available.



Weekend Dates
9/9 - 9/11
9/23 - 9/25
10/7 - 10/9
10/21 - 10/24
11/4 - 11/6
11/18 - 11/20

Weekend Hours
Friday: 5p - 9p
Saturday: 8a - 5p
Sunday: 8a - 5p

Additional Sessions

Homework Zooms: Wednesday’s 7p-8p on 9/21, 10/5, 10/19, 11/2 (only need to attend 2)

Master Classes: Sat 10/1 10a-1p / Fri 10/14 5p-8p / Sun 10/30 2p-5p (only need to attend 2)

Study Sessions: Wednesday’s 11/9 and 11/16 6p-8p (only need to attend 1)


Attendance and Refund Policy

Attendance is required for the teachers path. In the event you do not attend all sessions of the Teacher Path, you will be allowed to make up coursework at an hourly cost or as discussed with the lead teacher. Refunds are not available under any circumstances. All payments are nonrefundable and non transferrable to another person or training date.


Early Bird Specials available! Enroll by June 25th and save up to $600!

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Sep 9, 2022 - Nov 18, 2022
5:00 - 9:00pm
Sep 10, 2022 - Nov 19, 2022
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Sep 11, 2022 - Nov 20, 2022
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Sep 21, 2022 - Nov 2, 2022
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Oct 1, 2022
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Oct 14, 2022
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Oct 30, 2022
2:00 - 5:00pm
Nov 9, 2022 - Nov 16, 2022
6:00 - 8:00pm
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