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Tysn Tonic: Exploratory Pirouettes (30 Mins)
May 5, 2024 - May 5, 2024

Date: Sunday May 5th, 2024

Location: Bloor West Studio

Workshops & Time:


12:15-12:45PM: Exploratory Pirouettes

1PM-2:15PM: Hardstyle Flow

2:45PM-4:00PM: Sensual Pole Flow

4:30PM-5:45PM: Techno Flow


  • $60/ Workshop if you do both (Use code TYSN5)
  • $65/Workshop


Exploratory Pirouettes Ready to conquer the world of pirouettes? Join Tysn for a crash course in the art of pirouetting! In our Exploratory Pirouettes class, dive deep into the mechanics and techniques behind this iconic dance move. From mastering the essential steps to unlocking the secrets of graceful spins, this 30 minute crash course is designed to elevate your pirouette game to new heights.

HARDSTYLE POLE FLOW Bring it BABY! In this 75-minute choreo based workshop we go AllOut, using energetic and fiery movements that impress and intimidate! Workshopping through key moments and transitions, we finish this class with unshakeable confidence, a jaw-dropping routine, and enhanced skills that translate to all areas of pole dance.

TYSN TECHNO-FLOW Ooey - Gooey - Electric. In this 75- minute Techno-Flow we slither through the 8 counts of booming bass, choreographing a rave worthy performance. Combining body movement and conviction, finish this euphoric session with skills that entice, arouse, and hypnotize the club.

SENSUAL POLE FLOW In a sweaty and seductive 75 minutes we master a dramatic and sensual pole choreo. Workshopping through key movements and transitions, leave this erotic class with a powerhouse routine, unbeatable confidence, and new skills that will transfer to all areas of pole dance.

*All 3 are ALL levels encouraged - Regressions / progressions / variations provided as needed *Water / Kneepads / Small towel / Heels optional but encouraged

ABOUT: TYSN Tonic (He/They) is a boylesque and pole performer / coach based in Halifax/Kjipuktuk - NS. TYSN began pole dancing in 2021, unlocking an unshakable passion for sexual self-expression. Since his debut, TYSN has established himself as a powerhouse performer with Atlantic Boylesque, paved his way through clubs as a Go-Go boy, and placed 3rd for Sensual Amateur in Skripped Down, Toronto’s loudest Erotic Pole competition. @tysn.tonic

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May 5, 2024
12:15pm - 12:45pm EDT
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