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Mindfulness Talk: On Communication
Jun 3, 2018 - Jun 3, 2018
Please join Julia for this talk on how to communicate in a way that encourages listening and understanding, even in a difficult moment. Mindful communication can solve many problems in both our personal lives and the world at large. It unites and repairs, while unskillful communication usually just makes problems worse. In demonstrating more equanimity in our own communication, we naturally show those around us how to do so as well. Come learn to be a more grounding, truthful, de-escalating force for yourself, your community, and beyond.

Please bring a journal or notebook of some kind with you. Dress comfortably, as we will spend most of our time seated on the floor. (Chairs are easily provided for those who need them.) If you have attended this workshop before, it is always worth your time to join again, as the content varies and our capacity to hear and learn is always evolving.

Julia Frodahl has been teaching yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for over 15 years, and practicing for 25. Her teachings weave the ancient philosophies of yoga and Buddhism together with a great love and respect for nature and nature’s pace. Julia also works privately with individuals and couples in a process called “Inner Work", integrating contemporary Jungian psychology with Buddhist teachings to help people heal and create lives that are more balanced, fruitful, and peaceful; lives that serve both the individual and the whole. Learn more at


$35 adv/ $40 day of

Jun 3, 2018
1:00 - 3:00pm