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Sound Bath with Beth Katte
Nov 18, 2018 - Nov 18, 2018
Sound vibration is not only experienced through our ears, but throughout all the cells of our bodies. When we harness the power of sound for relaxation and stress relief, we change our entire constitution. We heal ourselves.
Beth's musical frequencies are a catalyst for producing beneficial theta brain waves, lowering blood pressure, releasing endorphins, boosting immune function, decreasing anxiety, and so much more!
Bring a blanket and pillow if you'd like, and wear comfortable clothing. Your blissful sonic journey awaits!
Beth Katte is a classically trained vocalist & percussionist who performs Sound Baths throughout Southern California and beyond, engaging mindful crowds with her ethereal voice, singing bowls, bells, gongs, light percussion, and meditative drumming.
$20 in adv/ $25 day of
Nov 18, 2018
1:30 - 2:45am