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Hips ~ Opening to the Possibilities with Karen and Kellie
Aug 5, 2018 - Aug 5, 2018
This workshop is designed to balance and open the hips. The hips are one of the major platforms in our bodies so creating subtle and stabile hips will allow for healthy moving. Students will learn how to open and release the stagnant energy that gets stored in the hips as a result of unexpressed stresses from daily life.
Students will gain more awareness and an understanding of how to create more flexibly, strength, stability and ease in and around the hips by using yogic breath, yoga poses, and energy releasing modalities.
This workshop is open to all levels.
$40 in advance/ $45 day of
Karen earned her teaching certification from the White Lotus Foundation in 2007. She creates an environment of safe healing for her students where she guides student of all levels toward self-awareness as they discover the teacher within. Her approach is one of playfulness, humor, love and lack of judgement as she delights in sharing her great love of yoga with her many students.
Kellie Pulce began her yoga practice in 2009. As a marathon runner, she gravitated towards yoga for athletic recovery and injury prevention. With a background in dance, physical fitness, and 12+ years of massage therapy, she has centered her world around wellness. In 2013 Kellie received her 200RYT certification from Rising Lotus Yoga. Her classes focus on proper alignment and breath coupled with balance and a strong flow. She makes sure her classes are challenging, fun, safe, and accessible to students of all levels.
Aug 5, 2018
1:00 - 3:30pm