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Create Your 2019 "Dreambook"
Jan 27, 2019 - Jan 27, 2019

This hand-on Workshop is your tool for finding clarity and achieving goals, while nourishing your body, mind, and spirit.

It will help you clarify and emphasize your true priorities, and establish a plan to bring them to the forefront of your life.

It wil help guide you to find enjoyment and specialness every step of the way and will remind you not to sacrifice your physical, psychological, or spiritual health as you start achieving goals like never before!

Connecting to true desires, dreaming and honing vision, crafting, ritualizing, setting your theme for the year.

Goal Planning for the year, quarter, month, week and day

We will talk about "Reflection and Gratitude.

We will use our right brain for Creative Exploration.

End of 2018 Memorable Moments...what worked and didn’t work.


Jan 27, 2019
11:30 - 2:30pm