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Inner Silence: Autumn Equinox Day Retreat
Sep 18, 2022 - Sep 18, 2022

In this Day Retreat we will celebrate the arrival of autumn by gently turning our attention inwards. As the high outward-facing energy of summer falls towards the ground we will enjoy yoga, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra to begin to reconnect with the quieter parts of ourselves. We will practice mouna, or silence, throughout the day, allowing our outer voices to rest and preserving our energy for some inner focus.

The act of speaking is a physical activity which externalises our awareness and our senses. By letting go of the need to speak, we open up new ways of being in the world, of connecting to others and of connecting to ourselves. We begin to notice the great urge we have to speak, the constant chatter that can fill our lives. By pulling back and not following through with that urge, we may learn something new about ourselves and the chattering nature of our minds. Mouna, or 'harmious silence within' can be a powerful practice - you may experience it as challenging or as a sweet relief, but you will be encouraged and supported to embrace whatever arises for you on the day.

We will practice Antar Mouna - Inner Silence Meditation - a technique that leads us through various stages of internal awareness, guiding us through the internal noise and opening up the possibility of experiencing the inner silence. It is a clear, steady practical tool that can be practiced anywhere and its effects may stay with you after the practice is over.

We will end the day with some chanting, reconnecting with our outer voices and sharing in the heart-opening joy that chanting together can bring.

There will be a delicious wholesome lunch served in our Lounge area and there will be time for resting and generally enjoying the beautiful space of Satyam.

All are welcome - physical practices can be adapted to suit varying levels and physical abilities. Price includes herbal teas, snacks and a hearty lunch.

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Sep 18, 2022
10:00 - 4:00pm
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