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Healing & Embodiment - A Day Retreat for Black Women
Sep 25, 2022 - Sep 25, 2022

This workshop explores how intergenerational trauma is stored in the body. Through a series of healing practices including meditation, visualisation, movement, ritual and magic, participants will gain a sense of how trauma manifests in the body and can be healed physically, energetically and spiritually. As well as providing psycho-education and evidence-based healing technologies from two therapists with over 35 years combined experience, the workshop invites participants to connect to the wisdom traditions of their lineage, which are also passed from generation to generation. Bringing together Black womxn in a safe space promises a gentle initiation to healing ancestral trauma through the power of gathering and community.

The day will flow at an easy pace suitable for all levels – whether you have a regular meditation or ancestral veneration practice, or you are a complete novice and simply curious about how to incorporate them into your daily life, we have got you covered. Each exercise will be followed by a period of self-reflection during which you can sit in quiet contemplation, or journal about your experiences. Those who wish to, can share their reflections with the group or simply listen to others and process in private. A lunch of healthy high vibration food will be provided to support integration of what you have learned, into the body.

Satyam's tiered pricing applies to this day retreat, offering the following prices to suit diverse financial abilities:

Standard rate - £75 (For those in a position to pay the full price of the event)

Sponsor rate - £90 (By paying this rate you are providing subsidy for someone in financial need who would otherwise be unable to attend)

Support rate - £60 (For those who usually receive concession prices with us - full-time students, low income)

Solidarity rate - £15 (For those who would be otherwise unable to attend for financial reasons or other barriers)

Please contact us to receive a concession or solidarity rate.

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Sep 25, 2022
11:00 - 4:00pm
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