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Self Love Cacao Ceremony
Feb 12, 2022 - Feb 12, 2022

Join Chandra Maharaj, for this inspiring, love promoting Cacao Ceremony! This ceremony will help evoke the energies of Love. Open your heart to receive and give love. This class is for those looking to awaken and connect with their inner goddess. We will promote and inspire Self-Love, Healing, and Positive Intentions.

Why Cacao: Cacao contains several benefits that help release good endorphins in the body and promote cardiovascular health. It will help to open your heart and aid in connecting with the higher powers of the Cosmos. A special Shaman blessed the Cacao and it will be used to help with set the powerful manifestation of sacred intentions.

What will happen during the Cacao ceremony? A sacred circle will be created and blessed. We will open our hearts and set intentions. We will then prepare the Cacao, give gratitude & declare Intentions prior to drinking Cacao. We will follow by a brief meditation/journaling activity to activate your intentions. The chakras will be activated and cleansed during this process as well. The ceremony will then close. You will receive a small loving gift at the end of the ceremony.

Feb 12, 2022
4:00 - 5:45pm