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Jan 5, 2019 - Jan 5, 2019

Join Chris and Fayne with their large collection of Himalayan Singing Bowls for a delightfully healing soundscape experience.

• Release Tension and Stress
• Drop into a Deep Meditation*
• Allow your mind to float as the waves of sound gently carry you away
• Get comfy** and prepare to cleanse your spirit in a 50-minute sound bath immersion • Mingle, explore the bowls, ask questions, share experiences, enjoy tea & snacks
• Stand in our 20-inch bowl, “Big Bertha”, and feel the vibrations travel up your spine

*No meditation experience necessary.

NOTE: We have a large supply of comfort items available for you use however, please consider brigning personal items such as pillows, blanket, eye cover, etc...

Early Bird Online Registration

use promo code 'SB-EARLY-BIRD' to save $5.00!

Jan 5, 2019
7:30 - 9:30pm