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Jun 1, 2019 - Jun 1, 2019

Join Chris and Fayne with their large collection of Himalayan Singing Bowls for a delightfully healing soundscape experience.

• Release Tension and Stress
• Drop into a Deep Meditation*
• Allow your mind to float as the waves of sound gently carry you away
• Get comfy** and prepare to cleanse your spirit in a 50-minute sound bath immersion • Mingle, explore the bowls, ask questions, share experiences, enjoy tea & snacks
• Stand in our 20-inch bowl, “Big Bertha”, and feel the vibrations travel up your spine

*No meditation experience necessary.

NOTE: We have a large supply of comfort items available for you use however, please consider brigning personal items such as pillows, blanket, eye cover, etc...

Please note, in our new registration system, each person must register themselves or you will need their first name, last name and email address to register for them.

Jun 1, 2019
8:00 - 9:30pm