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Acrylic Painting Techniques (Combo Adults & Teens) Virtual
Oct 12, 2020 - Dec 11, 2020

Acrylic Painting Techniques (Combo)
Adults & Teens

Extreme Painting Technique: Calling all young artists who love to paint! In this two hour class we will dive into all aspects of painting with acrylics. We will learn how to manipulate both the paint and brush, learn about composition, color theory, shading, still life, and more. We will work on fine details, work on advanced techniques, and create multiple works of hangable art.

*Materials are included, experience in painting or drawing required
(if you aren't sure if your student is ready for this class, please send us an email with some current artwork examples and we will let you know!)

A Combo class means the class will simultaneously be taught both in studio and virtually. In person and virtual students will both be able to interact with each other and see the instructor’s work.

Oct 12, 2020 - Dec 11, 2020
6:00 - 7:30pm