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Grow Your Inner Herbalist - Series (Zoom)
Oct 25, 2021 - Jan 17, 2022

Empower yourself with medicinal herbal knowledge to take charge of your own health and wellness.


Help tend to common medical issues for yourself and others, using simple plant based remedies. In this holistic course, you will learn: the anatomy of the system; maladies that affect that system; how to heal with herbs and other natural approaches; when to see a doctor; how to make your own herbal medicines; how to grow, identify, and wildcraft medicinal herbs.


This is an 8 course series, held via Zoom. Each 2.5 hour class includes:

-Detailed power point lessons with time for questions and answers-
-Practical and simple uses of herbal remedies
-Custom handouts on: Herbs and their effects for each bodily system; Materia medica; Recipes
-Resources to further your study
-Video to watch at your convenience


$175 for the entire series (recommended) or $35 for individual classes
*If finances are keeping you from signing up, email Nicole at to inquire about partial scholarships*
First class is a free introduction


Week 1 – Using Plants as Medicine 
Oct 11, 2021 - FREE CLASS

-Origins, actions, and energetics of herbs
-Methods of administering
-Dosages for children, adults, and the elderly
-Holistic approach
-Reverence, respect, and presence with plants


Week 2 – Prevention
Oct 25, 2021

-Immune system, importance of diet
-Herbs: mushrooms, echinacea, astragalus, elderberry, boneset, Vitamin C, ginger
-Helping: cold, flu, fever, and viruses
-Making: Herbal broths and infusions


Week 3 – Cleansing 
November 08, 2021

-Blood and liver
-Herbs: dandelion, burdock, nettles
-Helping: hormonal issues, skin issues, blood cleanser, nutritional deficiency
-Making: Infusions and decoctions


Week 4 – Fighting Infection 
November 22, 2021

-Antimicrobials, lymph
-Herbs: echinacea, garlic, rosemary, plantain, goldenseal, poke, cleavers
-Helping: skin, throat, ear, eye, lung, urinary tract infections
-Making: Tinctures


Week 5 – Breath
December 06, 2021

-Respiratory system
-Herbs: Elecampane, thyme, hyssop, mullein, elderflower, usnea
-Making: fire cider, thyme steam


Week 6 – Soothing 
December 20, 2021

-GI system
-Herbs: demulcants (marshmallow, slippery elm), mint, bitters
-Helping: stomach aches, ulcers, nausea, digestion, acidic stomach
-Making: herbal kitcheri, cold infused tea


Week 7 – Balance
January 3, 2022

-Nervous system
-Herbs: Adaptogens, Nervines, Skullcap, Ashwaganda, holy basil
-Helping: stress, anxiety, panic attack, adrenal burnout
-Making herb balls, meditation (more then just herbs)


Week 8 – Connection: Wild Weeds 
January 17, 2022

-Becoming a steward of nature
-Herbs: violet, chickweed, garlic mustard, plantain
-Helping: our connection and reverence to nature
-Wildcrafting, reverence, offerings

In-person Herbal Walk, Peoria, TBA, Early spring


This course will help you feel confident in taking care of your family or yourself for common medical issues by learning to skillfully apply herbal medicine to prevent and remedy illness. You will receive info on several healing plants and learn how to grow, harvest, and create your own herbal remedies. You will be guided to become your own informed primary healthcare provider by understanding the basics of the human body and how to holistically and vitally utilize earth based remedies. and techniques. You will become a source of practical healing for friends and family, become more self-sufficient and save time and money from unnecessary and expensive doctor’s visits.

Each class will focus on a body issue, specific herbs that benefit the system, how to treat specific ailments related to that system, and an herbal medicine making technique.

With the class you will receive:

-eight 2.5 hour classes
-video so you can watch at your convenience
-hands-on lessons
-in-person herb walk
-a chance to learn from an experienced family herbalist

Oct 25, 2021 - Jan 17, 2022
6:00 - 8:30pm
1 Session
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Winter Solstice Sound Sanctuary (In-Studio)
Dec 19, 2021 - Dec 19, 2021

Investment: $50
Please email to inquire about partial scholarships.

Take some time out during the hectic holiday season for some self-care and time for connection with the cycles of Mother Nature. The winter solstice is a time where we spend more time in darkness than in light, giving us time to surrender more inwardly to our Truest Selves. Join us for a blissful two hours of surrendering into restorative yoga postures, meditative breathwork and kriya, all set to the live musical vibrations provided by Soulside teachers and further supported with Reiki while in restorative postures. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of self-care and rejuvenation this holiday season.


Facilitated by Katie Lang, Darrin Ford, and Tamilyn Banno

Please view our COVID Precautions and refund policy before registering.

Dec 19, 2021
1:00 - 3:00pm
1 Session
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Vision Board Party
Jan 2, 2022 - Jan 2, 2022
Let's kick off 2022 with the power of thought by sending forth positive vibes into our future. Give yourself a little love and TLC as we start our day with yoga. We will mindfully enjoy a nutritious lunch before starting our vision board workshop. Feel free to bring your own personal images, whether from online or your favorite magazine. This is completely optional. Vision board supplies will be supplied. You may also bring a yoga mat because there is a limited amount available for use. A blanket may be an added comfort, but not required.

The day will include:

Yoga with Janie Backs
Mini Massage Sessions
Whole Food Lunch from Upbeet Jams
Vision Board Workshop Faciliated by April Foster, Certified Health Coach

East Bluff Community Center
512 E. Kansas St.

Fee: $20 includes lunch.
Pre-registration is required.
Call 309-922-1673 if you have any questions.

Jan 2, 2022
10:00 - 3:00pm