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Vision Board Party
Jan 2, 2022 - Jan 2, 2022
Let's kick off 2022 with the power of thought by sending forth positive vibes into our future. Give yourself a little love and TLC as we start our day with yoga. We will mindfully enjoy a nutritious lunch before starting our vision board workshop. Feel free to bring your own personal images, whether from online or your favorite magazine. This is completely optional. Vision board supplies will be supplied. You may also bring a yoga mat because there is a limited amount available for use. A blanket may be an added comfort, but not required.

The day will include:

Yoga with Janie Backs
Mini Massage Sessions
Whole Food Lunch from Upbeet Jams
Vision Board Workshop Faciliated by April Foster, Certified Health Coach

East Bluff Community Center
512 E. Kansas St.

Fee: $20 includes lunch.
Pre-registration is required.
Call 309-922-1673 if you have any questions.

Jan 2, 2022
10:00 - 3:00pm