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Guest Teacher: Keri Kugler, Live Your Best Life
Apr 14, 2018 - Apr 14, 2018

Live your best life: On and off the mat

What does it really mean to be living our best lives? What does it feel like to wake up and live life on purpose?

What would your life look like if you woke up every day feeling empowered and on track with your best self? What would it feel like if you found clarity around who you are here to be?

These questions can sound big and maybe even unattainable from where you're sitting right now, but you CAN achieve this—every bit of it. Let’s begin, shall we?

In this workshop, we are going to start by taking a look at our current state of being to see what’s working in our lives and what’s not. From there we will work to clear some space in our minds and hearts to open ourselves up to new ways of feeling and being. We’ll tap into how we want to feel and set some inspiring goals that will begin to push you forward into a life that lights you up.

We will also look at how big of a role our yoga and meditation practice plays on how we show up in the world. Together we will discuss, connect, breathe and move. You will leave feeling inspired and motivated to start making some lasting changes.

You deserve to live a life of happiness and abundance. It’s in your hands and it’s waiting for you. We hope you’ll join us.

April 14th, 2pm

Early Bird Registration by 3/30: $25

$30 after 3/30

About Keri...

Keri, a Saint Louis based yogi, teacher and life coach found her yoga practice in 2007. In the beginning yoga was simply an outlet for stress and a much needed change from her fast-paced career and lifestyle. It wasn’t long until she realized that the practice was moving off of her mat and starting to transform her life. Keri became clear that yoga had become her calling, her dharma. In 2012 she took the plunge from corporate America to full time yogi and devoted all of her time to studying, practicing and teaching. Keri is a 500-hr RYT specializing yoga therapy, psychology, and neuroscience.

Her classes are spiritual in nature and are designed to have a strong emphasis on the mind, body and breath connection. Keri’s classes are challenging, heartfelt, fun and allow for greater physical and spiritual development. You will breathe, stretch, strengthen, explore, let-go and tap into that divine light that lies within.

Apr 14, 2018
2:00 - 3:00pm