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Open Water Essential Tune Up - Sighting and Swimming Straight
May 24, 2022 - May 24, 2022

This special 75 minute session will focus on the key elements of how to swim straight, navigation and sighting technique.

The session will walk (or rather swim) you through the essential concepts of open water sighting. We will start lakeside with a chat and introduction and then head to the water to perform some fun drills and exercises designed to build up your sighting position, technique and timing.

You will also receive a follow up email with content to re-cap what we have deleivered within the session.

This session is limited to 5 swimmers so book on quickly.

Cost of this session is £20

You will need:
To be able to swim 400m non stop front crawl
Wetsuit (non wetsuit places are at coaches discretion after consultation)
Swim Hat
Tow Float (We can loan a tow float if required, please advise us before the session)

Who Are South West Swim

South West Swim was founded by head coach Jason Tait in 2014. Jason is one of the leading open water coaches in the UK, with a vast amount of experience in inland open water swimming and front crawl stroke fault identification and correction. Through his time as a coach Jason has coached athletes from total beginners to world champions, to those swimming their first length to ultra marathon swimmers and channel swimmers. Jason is highly qualified as a coach and was part of the working group who wrote and developed the STA Open Water Coaching Qualification, and is also a qualified tutor of the same course. South West Swim also has two more amazing coaches, Colin Jones (Swim England Open Water) and Stuart Foster (Swim England Level 2 Coaching (pool). Together we have a fantastic team to deliver you class leading sessions.

You must be aged Age 18 or over to take this session (under 18's must have a 1-to-1 session, under 16's a junior 1-to-1 session - Criteria applies)


Qualifications and Experience:

- Swim Smooth Certified Coach for the South West of England

- STA Level 2 Open Water Coach

- STA Open water Qualified Tutor

- Swim England Level 2 Open Water Coaching

- Swim England Level 2 Coaching

- Swim England Level 2 Teaching

- Currently studying Fitness Instructor course

- Open Water Lead Coach for a Local Swimming Club

- Previous Open Water Coach for Wiltshire ASA

- Triathlon Show London Official Swim Coach 2017 & 2018 (Swim Smooth Team)

- Swim Coach and Swim advisor to the SwimTayka Charity

- Event support for numerous local and national event companies

- Published in various media channels

- Consultant work for lake venues, swim & triathlon clubs and media outlets

- Swim Teacher Safety Award (STA)

- NRASTC Safety

- Powerboat Licence

May 24, 2022
6:00 - 7:30pm