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Reiki I Training
Sep 7, 2019 - Sep 8, 2019

Reiki (ray-key), in Japanese, literally translates to “Universal Life Energy”. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that channels energy into an individual by means of touch, to activate the natural healing process of the body and restore physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing to oneself and others. It is offered as an effective, non-invasive therapy in many hospital settings, as a means to minimize anxiety and to help relieve nausea. Students receive the ability to channel Reiki energy via the Reiki Master through an attunement process where a transfer of energy takes place. After training, the Reiki students can readily and safely apply Reiki to others and to themselves to manage stress and promote healing.

Reiki I training is for those that wish to use basic Reiki for themselves and others to promote healing and stress reduction. Students will receive instruction, attunements and practice during class. After completion of Reiki I, students will have received the basic skills necessary to practice Reiki for life. A Reiki I certificate will be given at the end of class.


What will be covered: 

  • Reiki ideals and healing principles.

  • The standard Reiki session hand positions.
  • Giving a complete Reiki session for self and others.

  • Japanese Reiki Techniques, as taught by Usui Sensei including: Gassho meditation, Reiji-ho (developing your intuition) Byosen Scanning (detecting where Reiki is needed), Gyoshi ho (sending Reiki with the eyes), and Kenyoku (dry bathing or clearing one's energy field).

  • Class manual



Sep 7, 2019
12:30 - 4:30pm
Sep 8, 2019
2:30 - 5:30pm