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Relax and Roll: Above the Waist
Apr 25, 2020 - Apr 25, 2020

HELD ONLINE! Contact us to purchase Tune-Up Balls!

Roll Therapy with the Yoga Tune-Up Therapy Balls, concentrating on the upper body, such as head and jaw, neck and shoulders, back and chest, arms, wrists and hands.

The Roll Model® Therapy Balls provide targeted self-massage trigger point therapy by using specially designed high grip rubber massage balls and focused movement routines to help penetrate through layers of skin and muscle to massage deeply into your high tension areas. The balls stimulate the nerves that provide positional feedback to your brain; consequently, you can sense whether you are in or out of alignment. You are able to make better choices about your position in space, as it relates to your activities.

This is a fitness therapy format built around the three P's – Pain, Posture and Performance. It helps eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance, by helping to identify and target your body blind spots; areas that are most overused, underused, or misused, Roll Therapy heals damaged muscle, increases strength and establishes healthy movement patterns to help you live better in your body.

Apr 25, 2020
12:15 - 1:45pm