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Tantric Ceremony: Explore and Connect with Your Body to awaken the Divinity within
Dec 3, 2022 - Dec 3, 2022


  • Would you like to explore the importance of feminine and masculine energies in our life?
  • Would you like to heal your feminine center, womb, by releasing emotional baggage that is not letting you move forward?
  • Would you like to embrace your sensuality and sexuality as a strong woman?
  • Would you like to reconnect with your Divine Feminine while healing your Masculine energy?


During our 3 hour workshop, we will join in community to explore the presence and importance of the divine feminine and masculine energy in our lives. Together we will go deep into our subconscious in order to discover and release those obstacles that are not letting us move forward. We will release stress, open our heart and connect with ourselves and other women. There is something magical about sitting in a circle with women to amplify power, inspiration, love and compassion.


This ceremony will include:

Chakra balancing through sound healing

Womb healing meditation

Body movement

Gentle yoga

Tantra techniques


Celebration and more!


This experince will be fun and also challenging. We will create space for you to feel vulnerable in a comfortable and safe way and most importantly, you (re)connect with your deepest being to heal and manifest the life that you want!


DEEP HEALING will be of the utmost importance and of course HAVING FUN!


We encourage you to join us with:

- An open mind

- No expectations


About the facilitators:

Lauri and Aleja Grisales are twin sisters. They currently live in New York City and are full time instructors of Yoga, Tantra and Sound healing for their company beautiful yoga. They are both passionate about living a healthy and mindful life and their goal is to make a positive impact in people's lives through their private sessions, workshops and retreats.




Additional information

Please bring:

- Eye mask

- Water bottle

- Dress for comfort and movement - be creative!



There are no prerequisites for this program; it is appropriate for all.


We will share tea and healthy snacks after the event in our Cafe!


Saturday December 3rd 2022

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



****No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. No explicit activity or nudity takes place in our workshop ****



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Dec 3, 2022
2:00 - 5:00pm
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Cacao Healing Circle + Accupuncture
Dec 30, 2022 - Dec 30, 2022

Join us for a special evening of healing led by Cacao Lab co-founder Florencia Fridman and Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine guide, Katherine Rohland.


Cacao helps us connect to the natural world and has been used in ritual and ceremony by the indigenous of Meso America communities for centuries. Acupuncture has also been used for centuries to help us remove blockages in the body and allow our bodies to open up to heal themselves naturally. Florencia and Katherine will lead us through a journey of heart opening and connection. We will open the space connecting with the plant spirit of Cacao. While receiving the healing benefits of specific acupuncture points we will explore a guided sound meditation to integrate the experiences. After the meditation, Katherine and Florencia will lead us through a discussion and reflection.




Florencia Fridman is a self-empowerment artist working with heart opening therapies involving Ceremonial Grade Cacao, yoga, sound journeys, and breath as instruments for transformation. Florencia is passionate about supporting the voices of indigenous nations, wisdom keepers, and guardians of the sacred lands. She has studied under Mayan elders from Guatemala and indigenous communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Florencia has opened for Deepak Chopra and facilitated ceremonies for the corporate world at Spotify. She was a ceremony guide resident at The Assemblage in NYC and has shared Cacao at NYU. She is the co-Founder of Cacao Lab, a Ceremonial Cacao brand aiming to bridge the gap between modern culture and indigenous communities.



Katherine Rohland is a passionate healer, guide and endless seeker of ways to restore our bodies back to their natural rhythms and treat others. Her medicine comes in the form of Acupuncture, energy healing, guided meditation and Eastern Medicine foods energetics. Katherine works on a holistic level, incorporating practices to heal both the body and mind, bringing them into harmony. Katherine Rohland earned her Masters in Science from Tri-State College of Acupuncture and is a board certified acupuncturist. Her private practice, Katherine Anne Wellness, resides in NYC and virtually worldwide.



5PM - 6:30PM


Please arrive 10-15min early to give yourself time to get comfortable.

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Dec 30, 2022
5:00 - 6:30pm
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