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Hello Summer: 108 Sun Salutations + Live Drumming
Jun 21, 2019 - Jun 21, 2019

Gather at Hathorn Park on Friday, June 21 at 5pm as we celebrate our Sun reaching its northernmost point in the sky – the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, Summer Solstice.

We'll practice 108 Sun Salutations and/or share a community meditation to the sounds of live drumming from professional musician Ed Arnold.

Register ahead of time so we know how many to expect.

Pay what you can by donation, perhaps participating in class solidarity by giving more if you have more so that those who have less can give less. And please do consider your donation one means of validating and continuing the work of both Sundew Studio and Ed Arnold.

If the weather permits, we will hold this gathering in Hathorn Park in the center of town. If it's raining, we'll gather at Sundew Studio.

Jun 21, 2019
5:00 - 6:15pm