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CPD Further Yoga Teaching Skills - Enriching our Yoga Teaching Knowledge
Mar 10, 2025 - Mar 14, 2025
Welcome to my new 300 Hour Advanced Yoga teacher training.
As with my 200 Hour foundational Yoga Training, it is my intention to help you as a now qualified Yoga Teacher, to find your own way in this vast & wonderful world of Yoga by studying specific areas that interest you in greater depth.
Choose from multiple dates, over two years.
Over 375 Hours of training available to take.
Working with my colleagues Andy Curtis-Payne & Ananda Mello-Costa, we have put together a deeper & more reflective programme of learning that will animate the minds of teachers who will in turn inspire their students to learn about & live in yoga, thereby bringing about a positive change one class, at a time.
There are two, five-day, compulsory modules focussed on asana, sequencing & class planning with Lucy, these are a week long. All days run 9.15am to 5.30pm. You can attend these modules at any point on the calendar; all the modules run twice a year, numbers allowing. From sign up, you have 24 months to complete all your hours.
Your hours will be made up of the following:
Advanced Yoga Teaching Skills - Enhancing the skills that set us apart - 1 Week
50 Hours
Further Yoga Teaching Skills - Enriching our Yoga Teaching Knowledge - 1 Week
50 Hours
Classical origins of Yoga, its true meaning, its original purpose with Andy Curtis-Payne
25 Hours
Advanced Anatomy with Ananda Mello Costa
50 Hours
Advanced Pranayama: Technique & Mastery with Ananda Mello Costa
50 Hours
Class attendances with Senior Yoga Teachers
20 Hours
Mentoring with Lucy
5 Hours
In-Studio Assisting & Adjusting alongside Lucy
5 Hours
Class Planning & Self Study
20 Hours
Teaching Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga 30 Hours
Teaching Restorative & Yin Yoga 30 Hours
Teaching Vinyasa Flow 8 Hours
Yoga Adjusts for Teachers 8 Hours
Workshops with Lucy - Attend up to eight of 2.5 hour Anatomy Based Workshops 20 Hours


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Mar 10, 2025 - Mar 14, 2025
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
9:15am - 5:15pm BST
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