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Taspen's Yoga, Music & Healing Center

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Movement, Mindfulness & Health Series~In Studio
Sep 7, 2022 - Oct 19, 2022
Movement, Mindfulness and Health Class brings the elements of Self-Awareness
together through sacred tools and mindfulness techniques and by using the
power of the body and meditation. Each class starts with movement of the body
to become centered and aligned, then class discussion brings elements of
mindfulness techniques. As a bonus, each student will be provided with their
own Human Design Body Graph and summary. Human Design is a sacred tool
used to increase self-awareness, with each person being unique and
understanding their own decision making and inner workings. Health is
interwoven into each area of class to upgrade your awareness, allowing for less
stress, anxiety and upset to enter your being. Each class then closes with
meditation and sharing of Reiki energy for each participant. Each class builds on
itself and being a part of the entire series brings continuity to the group, where
each member will be sharing and experiencing together.
Classes are offered either in-person or online each week for ease of access
depending upon your week.
Mindfulness is a personal journey of SELF discovery. It is not a prescribed path,
but a path that allows the individual to experience, be curious and find what
works for them to be AWARE in their own life. Awareness is the first step to
change, change in patterns of thinking that no longer serve, change of behaviors,
change of emotions that stifle growth and further discovery of this life. This
awareness combines the best of the body, mind, and spirit to see the world
differently. This practice is less about intellectual understanding and more about
the experiences that create a different outlook.
Elements of Class
A Personalized Human Design Chart and Summary – a Tool for Self-
Awareness and Growth
Self-Leadership Toolkit (electronic or hard copy available by preference)
Mindfulness Practice and Experience inside and outside of class between
Reiki offering at the end of class during Savasana – to balance and equalize
energy between classes
Benefits and Outcomes:
1. Make time for your own practice and experience of what mindfulness
means to you.
2. Use simple movement techniques to move through emotions rather than
staying stuck in emotions all day.
3. Gain tools to use in the moment of anger, frustration, confusion and come
out on the other side with perspective and movement forward instead of
4. You will be learning more about you and become Self Aware with the
Leadership Toolkit and the Human Design Chart and Summary.
5. You will get familiar with several Self Leadership tools that will help you to
be fit in mind, body, and spirit.
6. You will connect with other like-minded person each week to enhance your
experiences during class and outside of class.
“I found each class to be just what I needed to hear that day.”
“I enjoyed learning the self-leadership tools, what I really found valuable
was listening to other’s experiences and perspectives on the tools.”
“I made time for me; I do not want this class to end because it has become
a great routine for me.”
“I have let go of the rigidity of my meditation practice and found peace in
where I am at right now.”
“I realized my experiences are valuable and sharing them with other people
makes a big difference, I never really understood that until now.”
“I am seeing I am growing in my awareness about my own mindfulness, I
was practicing meditation but was finding frustration in my own mind
around it.”
“After taking this class, I have seen my meditation practice strengthen and
my mind calm.”
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Sep 7, 2022 - Oct 19, 2022
5:30 - 6:30pm
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