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Putting It All Together (Online): A Revolutionary & Non Dogmatic Approach to Asana Virtual
Feb 27, 2022 - Feb 27, 2022

Have you been trying to keep up with the latest research, but you aren’t sure how to apply it to your classes?

Are you looking for a way to differentiate yourself and specialize in movement, so you can establish credibility, be the go-to expert in your community, fill your classes, and get more private clients?

Do you just want to know how to keep your students safe?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Unlock your creative potential and movement smarts by learning how to combine applied anatomy with the transformative aspects of yoga.

This updated, evidence based formula will keep you current in your teaching, prepare you to foster a safe environment for multi-level classes, help you attract more private clients, and build your following.

This workshop will synthesize everything you’ve learned in the previous workshops, so you can:
  • Structure classes and layer exercises in a fun and challenging way, while keeping the heart of yoga.
  • Teach from a skills-based approach, instead of a lineage-based approach.
  • Feel confident teaching complex poses and exercises in multi-level classes.
  • Incorporate exercises and theories from multiple modalities into your teaching.
  • Help your students build strength and stability to balance out their yoga practice.
Feb 27, 2022
3:00 - 6:00pm