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Trinity Wellness Emporium LLC

Breathwork: Ujjayi Breath
Mar 25, 2023 - Mar 25, 2023

In this workshop, we will go over the foundation of Ujjayi breathing Aka Ocean breathing, which is one of the most common breathing techniques used in yoga.

We will learn and incorporate this breath to our practice along with simple Nasal breathing. We will also have the opportunity to use a special prop to help assist our nasal breathing throughout movement . Everyone should leave feeling an extra sense of balance and ease with tips to take home on this type of breath work for yoga , meditation , anxiety, or sleep.


This is a 2 hour workshop: one hour of movement and one hour of information and tools to keep with you and use when ever you need. If you find yourself mouth breathing throughout your practice or if you want to deepen your pranayama practice then this workshop is for you!

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Mar 25, 2023
11:00am - 1:00pm EDT
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