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New Moon Yoga: Body Temple Activation
Apr 6, 2019 - Apr 6, 2019

Your body is your home. Why not make friends with it?

Wake up to what's not working in your relationship to yourself. Practice cleansing yoga and practice self-inquiry tools to awaken a new awareness of your body, reintroduce yourself to a connection you want to create in your self image, and walk away with a new understanding of how to cultivate your body as a temple to grow in, not a thing to fix or change. Learn tools to Namaste in your body, not flee or fight it.

All-levels yoga is led by Victoria Privette, owner of Victory Power Yoga.

Self-inquiry tools are led by Crissy Keye Rollins, founder of Holistic Restoration.

Crissy has fine tuned this Body Activation workshop over 10 years and we're making even more powerful with the practice of yoga!

Apr 6, 2019
11:30 - 1:30pm