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300hr Teacher Training
Aug 19, 2022 - Oct 9, 2022

The format of the 300 hour Vitality Teacher training is a combination of yoga and Chigong and the teachings of Chinese Medicine. One of the core practices in Chigong is moving our energy (chi or prana) with our mind and breath. The energy pathways are known as the meridians that we stimulate in our yoga poses and simultaneously focus the breath to move the energy through the meridians. This creates a very focused Zen-like mind, while creating a strong flexible body. The training follows the 5 seasons of the 5 elements of Taoism Yoga and Chinese medicine: spring, early summer, late summer, autumn and winter. Each season focuses on the pair of organs that are energetically in 'high tide' and their meridians (energy pathways). We design our sequences to stimulate their energetic flow, which affects the anatomical physical function and the emotions related to these organs. We combine an alignment-based vinyasa practice with chi gong and kundalini kriyas to enhance the focus and energy, which upgrades our practice by dimensions.

Watch this video about our 300hour training

One weekend, (Friday night-Sunday afternoon) per season, which will be approximately every other month, for 2 years, totaling 10 weekends but can be completed in up to 3 years, in case you miss a weekend or want to stretch it out. See the dates below.

Within each weekend we will be working on the specific training protocols for that season in the map of the Koshas, which are our 5 layers of being:

  • Annamaya kosha, the physical body
  • Pranamaya kosha, the energy/breath body
  • Manamaya kosha, the brain that operates the logic and reasoning mind
  • Vijnanamaya kosha, the observer or witness mind
  • Anandamaya Kosha, the bliss body located in the heart.

Each of these layers has specific practices that pertain to them. Trainees will learn how to design a well-balanced intelligent class that incorporates all 5 of these dimensions.

The format of the weekends will be:

  • Friday night, the Annamaya kosha, working on the physical practice of sequencing up to a peak pose, physical assists, and exploring teaching poses that we typically avoid.
  • Saturday morning, the Pranamaya Kosha, experiencing Kundalini Kriyas and pranayama, which are specific breathing practices and meditative physical movements to cleanse and rejuvenate the energy body.
  • Saturday afternoon, the Manomaya Kosha, the logic/reasoning mind, will focus on Meridian Flow yoga, the combination of Chinese Medicine, Taoism 5 elements and yoga.
  • Sunday morning, the Vijnanamaya Kosha, the witness, we will be studying the Yoga Sutras and observing how they play out in our lives.
  • Sunday afternoon, the Anandamaya Kosha, touching the bliss body through gratitude practices, chanting and deep guided meditations in Yin/restorative poses.

Each weekend will provide a plethora of new material to incorporate into your practice and classes, in that specific season. And because it will be every other month, you all will create a strong supportive teaching community and grow together as strong multi-faceted yoga teachers.

Book a call with Maggie, the director of the teacher trainings here to see if this program is right for you, or to answer any questions.


Late Summer: August 19-21

Autumn: October 7-9

Winter: December 16-18


Spring: March 24-26

Early Summer: June 2-4

Late Summer: August 11-13

Autumn: October 20-22

Winter: December 15-17

From graduates of the 300hour training:

'This training has been the most comprehensive training I have ever done. I have grown personally and professionally from this amazing journey. I have done other trainings and nothing compared to this. I have learned so much and I can't wait to bring this all to my students. I am forever grateful.' -VF

'This training has been so deeply profound. Life-changing, life-enhancing. This training has opened doors deep within my heart and soul. Michael and Maggie are amazing teachers!' -DP

'Mind Blowing~ Body Blowing~Spirit Blowing! The training has surpassed any hopes that I had in my heart 2 years ago. Maggie and Michael's authenticity, deep knowledge and their ability to share this has been inspirational and actually life-altering.' -RJ

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Aug 19, 2022 - Aug 21, 2022
Fri, Sat, Sun
11:45 - 3:45pm
Oct 7, 2022 - Oct 9, 2022
Fri, Sat, Sun
11:45 - 3:45pm
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