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Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshop
Nov 3, 2019 - Nov 3, 2019

While breastfeeding is an instinctive and natural way for parents to feed their babies, it almost always comes with a learning curve that requires patience and support to navigate. You might be wondering how will breastfeeding fit into your new life as a parent and how can you prepare yourself in caring for your new infant.

This highly interactive class offers a combination of current information, visual aids and practical advice which will enable your family the confidence to make informed decisions on how your baby will be fed. If the birthing parent is partnered, both parents are encouraged to attend together.


Getting breastfeeding off to a positive start

Establishing and maintaining an optimal milk supply

Typical newborn behaviors and feeding patterns

Positioning and Latch

How to know your baby is getting enough breastmilk

Optional supplies and equipment

The partner’s role in supporting breastfeeding

Common breastfeeding concerns

Community Resources


(Price includes your significant other or support person)


Nov 3, 2019
1:00 - 3:00pm